About US

In 2012 EEW Energy Services was founded by a number of highly experienced executives from the energy infrastructure steel industry, private equity and the EEW Group of Germany.

The company was established primarily to exploit a significant gap in the energy infrastructure steel supply sector while broadening the scope of offerings of the EEW Group the company made an immediate impact within the market securing significant contracts.

Simultaneously an additional objective was to increase client engagement while offering a variety of supply chain options that are critical in the fabrication of Oil and Gas and Wind power infrastructure projects.

Through the period from founding to 2016 the company secured significant contracts and established a reputation for excellence in these sectors and as energy and steel markets evolved a strategic decision was taken that the company would exit from the EEW Group.

Late 2016, the company became a fully independent entity although certain strategic agreements remain in place with the EEW Group for the supply of conductor pipes in specific Asian markets.

A significant investment was made by the company founders and the company then rebranded as Energy Services Steel Company with the strategic aim of widening of product offerings, a greater client engagement and a broader geographic reach.