Energy InfrastructurE

Specialty steels are used throughout the energy infrastructure industry for critical components where strength, toughness, resistance to fatigue and corrosion are paramount.

We not only provide steels that endure the extreme operating conditions that prevail in this sector, we work in partnership with our customers to ensure that product performance is matched by sustainable and efficient supply.

Energy Services Steel understand that consistency and reliability are absolutely key for our clients and within the industry our products are used in a variety of applications.

    • Large diameter SAW pipes for jacket Legs, Bracings, Piles and Caissons
    • Rack and chord manufacture
    • Tendon Pipes
    • Marine Risers
    • Legs for lift-boats
    • Pre-fabricated Bracings, including profiling
    • Pre-fabricated Sleeves and Conductor Guides
    • Monopiles and Transition Pieces
    • Piles for Jackets and Tripods
    • Suction Piles
    • Topside construction